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“The air of mystery in Kevin Street’s “escape room” starts with the bloodied hand that serves as the front door knob, reaching out from a brick wall.

Behind the brick wall is a bright waiting area, where Street gives his willing “hostages” a rundown of the scenario that’s about to unfold. They’ll be voluntarily blindfolded and handcuffed before he leads them into the puzzle they’ll need to work together to solve — how to escape the basement lair of a serial killer in an hour or less.”

-The Palm Beach Post

“If you’re looking for a mixture of the scary and the fantastic, you’ll find that in The Escape South Florida. Here you’ll find escape rooms like Through the Looking Glass, an Alice in Wonderland themed room that will fill you with a sense of wonder as you solve each puzzle.

There is also Nightmare in the Gardens, a horror themed escape room in which you have been kidnapped by a serial killer and must escape. Each of these rooms take sixty minutes to complete and can be played with two to eight players. No matter what you want from your escape room, The Escape South Florida has something to offer.”

-Audi West Palm Beach Blog