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Our Escape Rooms

Explore your mind in our unforgettable experiences. Far from ordinary, our Escape Rooms, or, ‘Mental Traps’ will have you immersed in themed environments solving intricately connected puzzles leading you to your Escape!


most challenging | psychological puzzles

nightmare in the gardens



You’ve been kidnapped! You awake dazed and confused, you don’t know where you are or how you got here, panic sets in as you realize you can’t see and your hands are bound together! Your heart begins to race… fear begins to take over. Quickly you regain your sight and realize you’re not alone but your kidnapper is seemingly nowhere to be seen or heard, only a dimly lit message on the wall you can’t quite make out. You think, ‘what do I do next?’, you hear someone whisper, ‘will we escape?’.


Be Prepared for:

  • Being handcuffed and blindfolded (optional, but a part of the full experience).

  • Working cohesively with others as a team through an intense challenge designed to test patience, observation and communication.

  • Inside and Outside the box thinking as you attempt to unlock the inner detective in your mind, testing your skills through a series of psychological puzzles.

  • Arriving about 10 minutes early. We have a briefing to go over on what to expect in your experience and we like to give our guests extra time in the room if they need it to finish the entire experience, so help us help you!


Alice in wonderland riddle room




Take a magical trip through Wonderland with Alice as you work your way through an intensely visual experience, go through things in unusual ways and solve riddles alongside puzzles in order to escape back to reality before the clock runs out and you are lost in this fantasy world forever!


Be Prepared for:

  • Irregular lighting conditions: black lights and other special fx lights.

  • Going through things in unusual ways as you explore Wonderland. Emergency exits can be provided as we try to be as accommodating as possible to all our players.

  • Reading, this is a riddle room and cursive is in use. If help is needed, we can read the riddles to you.

  • Fun! No one leaves Wonderland without it!


a stranger things experience

the upside of down

Stranger Things Valentine's Day table.jpg


Coming Soon!


Be prepared for:

  • Lighting FX, including strobe lights.

  • Loud music, sounds and possible screams.


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